Informational evenings

Informational evenings

Femme-Amsterdam sees providing information as an important task for the midwife, which is why we have a vast offering of informational evenings. These are conducted in groups with one or more midwifes.

  • Informational evening about the delivery, including additional information about delivery in bath
  • Informational evening breastfeeding and maternity care

If required, informational evenings can be done in English. Please indicate this wish with your midwife.

You can find the schedule for 2018 below.


27-03 start 19:30 = full

28-03 start 19:30 

10-04 start 19:30

22-05 start 19:30

03-07 start 19:30

Informational evening about breastfeeding in 2018:

04-04 start 19:00

30-05 start 19:00

25-07 start 19:00

Please let us know in advance when you would like to attend!

Our nutritionist Sharon will organize an evening at our practice regarding healthy food in your pregnancy. In 2018 she will host too information evenings in English. You can sign true a link that will be send to you.

12-02 19:00 (ENG)

10-09 19:00 (ENG)