We have the lowest rates for fun ultrasounds*:

Ultrasound Pregnancy term     Duration Costs
Gender determination + photo’s**     >14 weeks 15 minutes € 55,-
Fun ultrasound 2D/3D/4D + HD live techniek inclusive
DVD & photo’s**    
Between 24-28 weeks
(if you’re further along contact us about what’s possible)
30 minutes € 130,-

*These ultrasounds are including the package for clients of Femme-Amsterdam

** DVD and/or USB stick available for € 5,– each. (DVD is included with the 3D/4D)

Medical ultrasounds are covered* with the insurance. 

If you are not insured, this are the costs:

Ultrasound Pregnancy term     Duration Costs
Dating ultrasound Between 10-12 weeks 15 minutes €45,00
Nuchal fold measurement for combinationtest* incl blood sample
(only laboratory cost are €60,00)
Blood test > 9-13+6 weeksUltrasound between 11+3 -13+6 weeks 30 minutes €167,87
20 weeks ultrasound Between 19 – 23+6 weeks 45 minutes €164,92
Ultrasound in case of blood lose, position baby, measuring baby, position placenta, belly each During whole pregnancy 15 minutes €45,00