Bath delivery

A bath delivery is a delivery in warm water. This relaxes you and ensures the delivery goes smoothly and less stressful. It’s also a natural transition for the baby from the amniotic fluid to the warm water in the bath. After a bath delivery babies are usually more calm and cry less. The baby can swim in the water for a bit after the birth. He or she will still get oxygen through the naval cord and will start to breathe when their face touches the cold air. We often help with bath deliveries.

Everyone who delivers at home can have a bath delivery. It is also possible to do a bath delivery at the clinic at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam-West. There are numerous baths available for this.


Warm water usually has a relaxing effect. This stimulates your body to produce more endorphins, which is a natural painkiller that ensures that you are able to control the contractions better. This in turn progresses the dilation. The water also helps you move better and become more flexible. The warm water furthermore ensures that your perineum becomes more smooth. This decreases the chances of a rupture.

For the baby, the transition from the amniotic fluid into the water is calming. This means that babies born through this method are generally calm and barely cry.