Child birth


Good preparation can take away some fear and anxiety. This will enable you to relax more during childbirth. Relaxation also ensures that you’re less vulnerable to pain and that you’re able to manage the contractions better, thereby easing the birthing process. How can you prepare yourself?

What you can do?

  • Look for reliable information about childbirth.
  • Ask your midwife any questions you may have.
  • Visit a group information session at the practice when you’re between 30-34 weeks.
  • Visit an informational evening at our practice, the hospital or the birth center.
  • Follow a pregnancy course.
  • Start practicing breathing techniques.
  • Discuss how and where you’d like to give birth and indicate this in a birthing plan.
  • Look for someone who can provide you continuous support.

You can handle pain better when you’re well-rested. Therefore ensure that you get enough rest during the last weeks of your pregnancy. Take your leave on time and try to have the baby’s room ready and all necessary items bought when you’re approximately 36 weeks into the pregnancy.

Indicate your wishes

Do you know what you want to handle the pain? Note your preferences in a birthing plan. Are you dreading the labour process? Discuss this with us.

Ensure that someone is there to support you

It is said that women who have good, continuous support during pregnancy experience less pain during labour.

Checklist for what you may need: (in Dutch!)