Child delivery

The childbirth! The moment that you’ve been working towards; an exciting yet special moment for you and your partner.

You cannot teach yourself about delivery as each woman experiences it differently. However reading information about the delivery or attending a pregnancy course can ensure that you know what you may expect.

Of course we are curious about your wishes! This is why we have an extensive conversation with you and your partner at 33 weeks in order to discuss these wishes.

In the weeks prior to this you can already prepare:

  • Look for information in folders or books. For tips, please see the tab News/ Links. Ask mothers around you how they experienced their delivery. Don’t forget: ask us all the questions you may have!
  • Come to an informational evening.
  • Attend a pregnancy course.
  • Make a delivery plan containing your wishes: where you would like to have the delivery, who should be present and if you would like to make use of medicinal painkillers.
  • Future fathers may also wish to prepare, so do not hesitate to bring your partner to an informational evening, ask all the questions you may have.

To us, a successful delivery is one which you can look back satisfied; whether at home or policlinic under our supervision, with or without painkillers and/or with guidance from a gynaecologist.

Our job is to guide you as best as we can during the process and to keep your wishes in mind. Everything will be communicated clearly, so that you know what to expect and what is happening. The goal is to make it an exceptional experience, enabling you to look back at your delivery with a content feeling!

We are responsible for you and your child during the delivery as long as everything proceeds according to normal. In the case of risks, we will transfer the care to a gynaecologist. We maintain the VIL, the obstetric indicational list (the national standard for collaborative agreements in midwifery).

Contact us on our mobile number when:

Before 37 weeks

  • You are worried.
  • You are bleeding vaginally.
  • Your are experiencing fluid loss vaginally
  • Consistent and recurring (for example every 10 minutes) of intense stomach aches

After 37 weeks

  • If you are worried.
  • Clear red blood loss (vaginally).
  • You are experiencing contractions.
  • Amniotic fluid loss.

Important: If you feel your child moving less than you are used to, always call us!

The tab Information/ Delivery contains more information regarding the delivery process.