Eveline Geerdink

Eveline Geerdink has worked in many different (inter) national places as a midwife. During her final internship she was employed by a government hospital in Ghana. Afterwards, Eveline became an independent midwife at various locations in Amsterdam. After a few months she got the opportunity to get started in the Caribbean at the Sint Maarten Medical Center. Here Eveline worked together with several midwives and two gynecologists in a team.

Her function was a combination of first-line and clinical midwifery; an instructive period. Since her return to the Netherlands, Eveline has gained more than two years of work experience in The Hague. In order to gain more in-depth knowledge in the obstetrics course, she has started training to become a sonographer. Immediately she discovered that an ultrasound during pregnancy for the expectant parents is a valuable moment.

Judith and Eveline both had the wish to integrate the 'ultrasound' component more into midwifery care and soon followed a plan in which the care package for the pregnant woman was extended. In recent years Eveline and Judith have worked hard to be able to offer their dream - complete care - in practice. The result: Femme-Amsterdam, a modern midwifery practice with many extras.