Extra care

Femme-Amsterdam works together with a nutritional expert, coach, sexologist and an acupuncturist. The extra contribution covers a consultation with all four. However each pregnancy progresses differently, therefore the needs per woman will differ as well. You are the one to decide with who you’d like to schedule an appointment with and when you’d like to meet with them. You are thereby free to decide on three appointments with our nutritional expert and one with our sexologist, for example. During the intake the midwife will provide you with more information on the matter.


Your pregnancy is often a happy occurrence. It is an exciting time for you and your partner, however also comes with emotions and insecurities. Being a women, you possess strength, flexibility and rich emotions. There are times during your pregnancy that the hectic days may overshadow this. This can make you feel insecure, have trouble making the right choices and leave you without energy.

There are of course numerous causes for lack of energy. Vanessa can listen to your contemplations and give you practical tips for your situation, and help you find your balance in your life. It will help if your partner is able to come to the coaching consultations so that you both are aware of each other’s feelings and priorities.

If you have had a child before and this proceeded differently than planned, coaching can mean a lot of support for you. A special session conducted by either Vanessa or Judith (midwife), you can turn your negative emotions about childbirth into positive ones to ensure that your fears for the upcoming pregnancy are mitigated. This session, which is approximately an hour and a half, can also be conducted during maternity care if the delivery went different than initially expected or hoped. After this session you will experience less negative emotions and frustrations about the delivery. The result is a good feeling and a narrower bond with your new-born child. A good bond will make your child calm, which has a long-term positive effect.

Nutritional advice

Of course you want the best for your unborn child. Jorica, our nutritional expert, will inform you about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle. During these consultations Jorica will monitor your nutritional choices and give you tips and advice on this. It is important to consider this during your pregnancy as certain nutrients can be harmful for your child. Obesity can also have consequences for your pregnancy. Furthermore, many in expectance wonder about normal weight gains during their pregnancy and how they can healthily loose it again afterwards. Jorica is ready to answer all questions and help you plan for a healthy lifestyle. She has lots of ideas for healthy and easy to make recipes. We advise a consultation with her during the early stages of your pregnancy, halfway during your pregnancy and possibly also during maternity care.