Heel screening and hearing test

Heel screening

The GGD conducts the heel screening during the first weeks after birth. The blood gives important information about a number of serious diseases. Early recognition is therefore important to prevent or limit health problems.

More information about this test can be found on http://www.rivm.nl/Onderwerpen/H/Hielprik

Hearing test

The hearing test is usually done at home together with the heel screening during your child’s first week. This is done by the GGD. The test is painless and only takes a few seconds, and the results are known instantly. Sometimes it may be necessary to redo the hearing test. If the result of the second screening is still not good then a more extensive examination is needed.

Good hearing is essential for your child’s development and ability to learn how to talk. The earlier bad hearing can be recognised, the faster your child can be treated. The consequences can therefore be limited.

More information about the hearing test can be found on www.rivm.nl/gehoorscreening