Information about delivery

Informatie over de bevalling

What to expect

Following months of growth and anticipation, the birth of your baby is approaching fast. We will prepare you for this experience during your pregnancy. Advice and information are at the ready, we will help you to prepare a birth plan and you are welcome to join one of our regular information evenings. Do you have questions about delivery or are you feeling apprehensive? You can come to us with all of your concerns.

Delivery tips

  • Prepare a birth plan including your specific wishes
    • Where do you want to give birth?
    • What is important to you during labour?
    • What do you think is important for your baby after birth?
    • Do you have special wishes?
  • Attend the information evening at Femme Amsterdam to learn more about labour and delivery
    • At the information evening you get a realistic picture of birth
    • You know the possibilities
    • You know what you can expect from us
  • Do not hesitate to come to your midwife to discuss all of your wishes and questions
  • Take a pregnancy class, if you want
  • Get a head start on your breathing techniques. Breathing and relaxing are very important during labour. Yoga is also a good preperation.
  • Ensure sufficient rest; so you can prepare yourself physically and psychologically for the welcome your baby. This includes beginning your maternity leave on time
  • Download de checklist: what you need during delivery (Dutch)

Pushing and birth

If you are fully dilated, you may begin to feel the urge to push. You baby’s head is dropping lower through the opening of your cervix. At the peak of a contraction you will experience the urge to push. These contractions usually come every 2 to 4 minutes. This is the final stage of labour. Your baby is ready to come into the world. You may actively push, and your baby will gradually descend. As your baby’s head comes out through your vagina, the midwife will ask you to keep on breathing to give your skin some time to strecht. You will feel the skin stretch between your vagina and anus. This may cause a burning sensation. Warm towels against the area help to alleviate the pain. The babies head is the biggest part to be born, after birth of the head the body wil normally follow quickly. Your new-born baby will be placed on your (preferably bare) chest where he or she will enjoy an hour of cuddles as long as no complications have occurred.

Pushing and birth

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