Judith de Jong

Judith has been a midwife since 2010. After obtaining her diploma at the Verloskunde Academie Amsterdam (Academy of Midwifery Amsterdam) she spent four years freelancing in multiple practices and parts of Amsterdam, mostly in the Old-South neighborhood. She realized the importance of ultrasounds in modern midwifery, and therefore obtained her degree in 2013 in sonography Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Judith enjoys her job and is very involved with her clients.

The past four years revolved around gaining experience and understanding the needs of her clients. These needs are not always answered by current practices. This gap may have surfaced due to lack of time, expertise or due to lack of insurance coverage. The dream of being able to offer her clients the best package, fulfilling all needs, made Judith decide to engage in a new concept of midwifery: personalized care.

She found her partner in Eveline Geerdink, with whom she shares this vision. Both have worked these past few months to realize this dream. Judith and Eveline have built a professional and loving team who together make up Femme-Amsterdam to be as it is today; the place where pregnant women seek personal and exclusive guidance and support, both during and after the pregnancy.