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Hoping to conceive? At Femme Amsterdam, you are also welcome before you get two pink lines or a smiley on your test. We provide knowledgeable advice during a preconception consultation. Each body is unique. Just like your lifestyle and eating pattern. We can also conduct various tests and provide a selection of treatments. 

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Variety test

The variety test will determine whether there is a natural balance in microbiota in the vagina. If the Variety Test identifies a healthy vaginal flora, you have a higher chance of becoming quickly pregnant. You also have a reduced risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes and premature delivery. The Variety Test is not covered by insurance and costs € 250. 

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Variety test


Acupuncture can help you to conceive. It is a traditional Chinese method whereby thin needles are placed on specific points. This technique is used by the acupuncturist to stimulate or reduce certain energies within the body. A treatment can help with fertility issues such as: endometriosis, lack of ovulation, repeated miscarriages or reduced sperm quality. Acupuncture can also drastically increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and help alleviate stress. 
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Nutrition influences your fertility more than you may think. A healthy and varied diet is essential as it reduces the risk of hormonal imbalance. Well-balanced hormones prime your body for the implantation of a fertilised egg. This therefore increases the chance of a pregnancy. A proper diet also decreases the risk of an irregular menstrual cycle. Interested in learning more? Our nutritionist can help you to establish healthy dietary habits. 

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