You can come to us in your pregnancy and / or during your postnatal period.

We offer personal care during pregnancy where you as a client are central.

Our extra care consists of:

- Every check up the option for an ultrasound, starting with 1st ultrasound around 7-8 weeks
- Blood draws in own practice
- Day and evening consultation
- Consult (s) with a nutritionist on the practice during pregnancy and/or postnatal period
- Consult (s) with a coach on the practice during pregnancy and/or postnatal period
- Consultation (s) for Acupuncture on the practice during pregnancy and/or postnatal period
- Consult (s) with a sexologist during pregnancy and / or postnatal period
- Wide range of information evenings (Dutch / English)
o Information evening childbirth
o Information evening breastfeeding and childbed
o Information evening nutrition
- A pregnancy massage by a professional masseuse of the Rub

We also offer personal care in the postnatal period (even if the care during pregnancy was under the guidance of a gynaecologist).

Our extra care consists of:
- About 2-3 home visits in the first week
- Follow-up on the practice 6 weeks after delivery if needed
- Coaching conversation if needed

If you have another midwife or obstetrician but want to come to us for the most beautiful echoes you are of course also welcome to us!!!

What we offer:
- The latest 3D and 4D + HD live technology; fun echo on the latest device from GE, the Voluson E6!
You get an incredibly beautiful real live 3D and 4D-incl HD live echo with DVD recording, USB and photos.

We are happy to help you
- For making appointments at: 020 723 17 57
- For obstetric questions and anxiety 24/07 on: 06 444 22 700

We hope to welcome you, your sister, other relatives, friends and / or colleagues to us in practice!

Warm regards,

Eveline, Judith, Floor, Tessel, Hester, Lieke