Birth plan

Geboorteplan icoontjes

Birth plan

Build a clear and beautiful birth plan with these bespoke icons.

Birth plans are essential to a positive birth experience, not only because they clearly document your wishes, but also because in the process of making them, you can become better informed about your many choices. 

With this free download of nearly 100 icons, a unique collaboration between bestselling author and founder of the Positive Birth Movement, Milli Hill, and award winning artist, Kate Evans, you can create a beautiful visual birth plan that is clear for everyone involved to read and understand. You can also create plans for different scenarios: not just ‘Plan A’, but B and C too! You can see below a couple of example icons.

BirthplanBirthplan 2  Birthplan 3

There are icons for a multitude of birth and feeding choices, all created without judgement. For full explanations of each icon, and more information on how to create your own VBP, see chapter 6 in The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill, available from Amazon and all good book sellers. 

Please note that the icons are for your private use only and may not be shared, sold or reproduced without written permission from the publisher Pinter & Martin. Do you want more information about a birth plan? Our midwifes are happy to tell you more about drawing up a birth plan A (and B and C).

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