Osteopathy before, during and after your pragnancy

An osteopath looks at your body as a single entity and knows which tissues are connected. Our osteopath, Anne-Marie Sassen, can help you before and during the pregnancy and after giving birth to your baby. Treatment is also available for your new-born baby.

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Osteopathy and fertility

Are you struggling to conceive without a medical indication? A consultation with our osteopath can help. Fertility is strongly influenced by hormones, blood flow and mobility of the uterus and ovaries. When these become less mobile by traumas such as an abdominal or pelvic operation or infection, conception can be hindered. An osteopath restores mobility with soft, targeted adjustment of your lower back, pelvis, and abdominal organs. Treatment positively influences your hormone system and promotes transportation of the egg to the uterus. For back and pelvic discomfort before pregnancy, it is also a good idea to visit Anne-Marie, our osteopath, in order to prevent pain during the pregnancy.

Osteopathy and fertility

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