Pre-natal diagnostics

Prenatal diagnostic testing
If prenatal screening shows that your child is at increased risk of a chromosomal or genetic abnormality you can choose to go for prenatal diagnostic testing. Prenatal diagnostic tests give in general a 100% certainty whether your child has a genetic abnormality or not.

The two prenatal diagnostic test that exist:

  • Chorion Villus Sampling, CVS test - the removal and examination of a piece of tissue from the placenta.
    Preformed from of 11 weeks
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  • Amniocentesis, AP test - the draw and testing of amniotic fluid.
    Preformed from of 16 weeks
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    In the amniocentesis and the CVS test there is a small risk of miscarriage as a result of the examination. The probability that this happened is about 1: 300 investigations. This chance is on average slightly higher with the CVS test (1: 200) than with amniocentesis.

    If you are eligible for prenatal diagnostic testing, you will be referred to the UMC, location VUmc in Amsterdam