During your pregnancy you will be acquainted with our midwives. The appointments will be divided amongst them, which ensures that you meet all of them in an effort to build a bond of confidence.

The schedule below shows in which weeks of your pregnancy we will meet with you, what information you will receive, which ultrasound is suitable at that time, if we will obtain a blood sample, and the length of the consultation. For critical matters such as blood loss or stomach-aches you can contact us 24/7 at: 06 444 22 700.

In this overview, you can see how our care-services (two packages) are constructed. Of course you get the standard midwifery care, as this is covered by your insurance. But we offer also more exclusive care. We take more time for you and your partner during our office hours, we offer evening- and weekend office hours. You can reach us every day, 24 hours per day for emergencies.

To get a clear insight of our different care services, here is a overview:

  Basic + Premium

Early scan around approximately 7 weeks

Check Check
10 week scan to set the due date Check Check
14-15 week scan + gender determination if desired Check Check
20 week scan (stuctural medical scan) Check Check
24 week scan   Check
28 week fun 3D/4D ultrasound Check Check
31 week scan (grow-scan) Check Check
33 week scan (grow-scan)   Check
35 week scan (grow-scan) Check Check
37 week scan: (position of the baby and growth)   Check
40 week scan (measurement of the amniotic fluid) Check Check
41 week scan (measurement of the amniotic fluid) Check Check
Consultation nutritionist at our practice*   Check
Consultation with coach at our practice*   Check

First aid course for babies and children by EHBO bureau at our practice*



Treatment of acupuncture at our practice*   Check
Pregnancy yoga*   Check
Pregnancy massage* Check Check
Treatment of physiotherapy at our practice Check Check
Informational evening about nutrition during pregnancy Check Check
Informational evening about the delivery Check


Informational evening about breastfeeding Check Check
  750,- 1500,-

*These services you can book as you wish, with the Premium package you get 12 credits. You could, for example use them for more than one treatment with our acupuncturist, nutritionist, coach, massage therapist and / or you can give yourself (and your partner?) a first aid course for babies and children. 

Acquaintance, 7-8 weeks

The beginning of your pregnancy is an exciting time and you must be bursting with questions. During our first meeting we will take our time to answer any of these. The midwife will also show you our practice and explain our working method. If preferred, an ultrasound can be done to check for a heartbeat (this ultrasound is vaginal). For more information please see Method/ Ultrasound.

Intake, 10 weeks

The intake starts with a dating ultrasound. For more information about this ultrasound please see Method/Ultrasound. During the intake we will ask a lot of general questions so that the midwives obtain an idea of your social situation. In addition, a lot of questions concerning your health, your partner’s health and the health of both families will be asked. The goal of the survey is to determine if your pregnancy is healthy and if Femme-Amsterdam can offer you fitting care.

During this consultation you will also receive information about lifestyle and nutrition. Furthermore, you will receive counselling about prenatal screening tests.

The pregnancy lab bloodtest will also be administrated; these blood tests are executed as a standard procedure during the early pregnancy. Your blood will be tested on the following factors:

  • Blood type
  • Rhesus D factor
  • Rhesus small c
  • Hemoglobine (iron)
  • Glucose (sugar)
  • Irregular antibodies
  • Lues
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Antibodies for Rubella

The results of the blood tests will be discussed during the second consultation. Abnormalities, if any, will be communicated earlier. Finally, your blood pressure will be measured and your weight will be noted. Of course there is always time for questions.

Second consultation, 15 weeks

During a consultation with the midwife, the following check-ups are always conducted:

  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • External examination
  • Ultrasound (see Method/ Ultrasound)

Furthermore, your blood tests are discussed and you will be counselled for the 20 weeks screening ultrasound which will take place at approximately your 20th week of pregnancy. Furthermore we will guide you in childcare and acknowledgement if necessary. There is of course always room for questions.

Standard consultation, 19-20, 24, 28, 31, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40 weeks

During these consultations with the midwives, the following check-ups are always conducted:

  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • External examination
  • Ultrasound (see Method/ Ultrasound)

There is plenty of time to discuss any questions, wishes and ideas. The midwife will provide you with enough information and advice fitting the pregnancy term.

At 24 weeks your glucose (sugar) levels are measured again, you do not have to be sober for this. Your glucose levels are checked for a second time, because you have a chance of developing temporary diabetes during pregnancy, called pregnancy diabetes or pregnancy glucose. If your glucose levels are above the norm, you will be referred to the lab for more tests. These extra tests are already standard for those with higher risks, such as if you have family members with diabetes.

Between 28-31 weeks we re-examine your haemoglobin (iron) levels. This is measured again because your blood thins during your pregnancy. Eventually you will have a liter of extra blood, ensuring both the placenta and womb receives enough blood flow. This means that it’s normal that your haemoglobin levels decrease during your pregnancy. If too low, iron-based medication will be prescribed

At 37 weeks your haemoglobin levels are checked once more, as it is important that this is above the boundary right before your delivery.

Delivery discussion, 33 weeks

At the 31-week consultation you will receive information books from the midwife. . These contain information about the delivery and painkillers. It is important that you read these thoroughly. We will also recommend that you write a birth plan, however this is not mandatory. For an example check:

In addition to the standard check-ups, this consultation will be mostly focused around the delivery aspect. Try to have your partner or those to be present during delivery to be present during this consultation. Besides talking about your wishes and ideas, the midwife will give you instructions when to call during labour and indicate what to expect from us in terms of guidance. The process of birth will also be discussed. Extensive information about this will be given during the informational evening. Please see Method/ informational evenings.

Consultation 41 weeks

You are one week past your due date, probably you cannot wait to hold your child. Do not panic as this often happens. Approximately 80% of Caucasian females delivers 3 to 20 days late. The midwife will conduct check-ups and check your amniotic fluid. However it is expected that the delivery will be sometime in the coming week. This is why we will make an appointment for you with a gynaecologist, so that you can discuss induction of labour if your child is not born at 41 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy.