Things to take care of


The birth of your baby has to be registered within three (working) days in the municipality where your child was born. You’ll need a number of documents: the id of the one doing the registering, the mother’s id and the marriage certificate or the certificate of recognition. For more information about doing this in Amsterdam, see here

The consultation center

The consultation center will know that that a new baby is born after the registration. They will monitor the growth and development of your child. Firstly a nurse from the consultation center will come by during your baby’s second week. Further check-ups are done at the consultation center. Where this is will depend on where you live.

After care

You can contact us for midwifery-related questions for six weeks after the birth. We will always contact you after four weeks to check-up on you and so that you can ask any questions or make an appointment if needed. This appointment will always be done at our practice.