Types of ultrasound’s

Gender determination
We can determine the gender of your child as of 14 weeks pregnancy. Come with a full bladder, because during this period the child is often standing upright in the womb. A full bladder ensures that they will lie down, allowing us to better see the gender.

2D (black and white) ultrasound
At 6 weeks we can see the heartbeat of the baby! Between 6-36 weeks we can check the structures in the body of your baby and we can show you the profile, hands, feet etc. Due to our newest machine the ultrasounds are from a really high quality as you can see at the photo’s and DVD you get after this ultrasound.

3D/ 4D + HD live technique
The best period for a 3D/4D ultrasound is around 24-28 weeks pregnancy. Around 20 weeks you’ve had the medical ultrasound, which is often an exciting ultrasound for parents. During the non-medical/fun ultrasound you can enjoy your child and get a good image. The newest HD-live technique (which only we have in Amsterdam) gives the most realistic images of your child so you can even determine facial features!