Ultrasound equipment

We’re very proud of our ultrasound equipment! These days the quality of ultrasound’s, both black and white 2D as well as 3D-4D, is very varying. We have, being the only ones in Amsterdam, the most advanced ultrasound machine: the Voluson E6. This gives beautiful images in black and white, but also has a special HD life function. This latest HD life technique gives astonishingly realistic images of your child.


An ultrasound is made by ultrasonic sound. Ultrasonic sound has such a high frequency that a human ear cannot hear. The transducer of the ultrasound machine transmits the ultrasonic sound, which is sent through the gel placed on your stomach and into your body. The structures of both the mother and the child ultrasoundes back to the transducer, thereby creating an image. Ultrasound’s are used for more than forty years in the medical world. The collected evidence and research collected until now indicates that sonography is safe for the unborn child.