Having a baby is one of the most beautiful, important and exciting occurrences of your life. We are convinced that the correct, professional and personal guidance gives you the confidence you need during this process.

We approach having a baby from a physiological perspective. This means that we see pregnancy and childbirth as a natural occurrence, you are in expectance, your body is built for this.

At the same time we are an innovative and modern midwifery practice. We use multiple ultrasounds with today’s most advanced ultrasound machine. We use this for the betterment of medical care.  The goal of the ultrasounds is to involve you with the development of your child. The first ultrasound at approximately eight weeks will show your child being one centimeter large and having a beating heart. During the periodical ultrasound at approximately ten weeks, your child will already be three centimeters big and you will be able to see its arms and legs. We also measure the babies growth during all the scans to check if the baby is growing well.

Our broad perspective extends to the delivery. We are there to help you at home during a bath delivery, but will also organize a delivery at the hospital with painkilling requests if you wish.

At Femme-Amsterdam we offer everything in one practice. The midwife will make the ultrasound and do the bloodtests. Through our continuous and complete care we try to achieve a bond of confidence. Each woman and partner are having different wishes and needs during this special period, and we will tailor our care to these needs. Everyone is scheduled in for extra time, so that there is more than enough time to discuss all matters at hand.

Our care is transparent. You can navigate on this site to check your appointments with the midwife, what we will discuss, which ultrasound you will receive and if there is an additional check-up. We feel it is important that you know what to expect, so that we can prevent obscurities or insecurities.

Furthermore we believe a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing is important during pregnancy, delivery and nursing. Extra care and attention is given to this at the practice. Our nutritional expert will give you personalized advice about your diet during your pregnancy and afterwards. She will discuss possible changes in your nutritional routine with you, to ensure your pregnancy is experienced in the best health. Furthermore you (and potentially your partner) will discuss with a coach how you’re experiencing the pregnancy, what your obstacles are and how to deal with potentially difficult situations. You can additionally decide to visit the sexologist together. During pregnancy, birth and afterwards your body experiences numerous changes. This may result in changes in your intimate relationship. New experiences also arise after delivery, making sex a different occurrence than before. Our expert advice and information will help you to feel comfortable physically and mentally, both during and after the pregnancy. Even when the baby is so welcome, it’s possible you don’t feel well during pregnancy because of complains like nasea, headache, backpain and retaining water in your legs. Our acupuncturist can treat you to reduce this complains. Women experience these treatments as a relaxing moment. Our pelvicphysiotherapist can also help you with back or pelvic pain. Beside this we also offer a pregnancy massage, to relax and get new energy.