Everyone is welcome for a fun or/and a medical ultrasound at Femme-Amsterdam.

Do you do your medical ultrasounds somewhere else, but you want to see your baby once more in the highest quality than you are also welcome of course!

Standard ultrasound’s are offered during your pregnancy which are covered by your insurance. These include the dating ultrasound and the 20 weeks screening ultrasound. Furthermore, the midwife can execute an additional ultrasound if there is any doubt about the placement or the growth of your child.

Would you like to admire your child once more after these ultrasounds? That’s possible at Femme-Amsterdam!

Our sonographers Judith de Jong, Eveline Geerdink, Sadee Bense and Anna van der Klei are graduated medical sonography Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Besides that Judith and Eveline are midwifes as well. They will take their time to ensure high quality pictures and give you information on the anatomy. The fun ultrasounds are recorded on a DVD so that you can view the ultrasound at home. The best images will be printed as photos.

Do you want to show your baby to more family members and/or friends? That is of course possible, please indicate this beforehand.

During every ultrasound we scan your whole baby, be aware that we can find something which was not seen before.